Jewish-Arab Young Leaders Conference by the Red Sea

When an opportunity arises to bring together Jewish and Arab believers, it is an opportunity worth seizing, because God is all about unity, and if there is one example of unity that shines like a bright beacon of hope for the world, it is seeing Jews and Arabs together, as brothers.

Those precious friendships and relationships don’t just randomly occur, we need to cultivate them and open up the space for these connections and relationships to be built. This is why the Jewish-Arab Young Leaders Conference in Eilat is such a unique and wonderful opportunity to bring our young people together and build a strong bond that will show the world what true peace in the Middle East looks like.

It is also an important opportunity to come together with fellow Israeli pastors, both Jewish and Arabic, pray for one another, share and encourage each other, and edify the leadership body in the Land as we all gear up towards a new and exciting year.

We will spend several days together, cultivating unity and casting a vision for this nation for the upcoming 2022. It will be powerful and impacting, and it will definitely set the tone for what God is planning to do in the land in the upcoming year.

We want to make sure as many young people as possible from Beit Hallel are able to travel to Eilat for the 3-day conference which includes main sessions, worship, prophetic sessions, lodging, meals, and transportation to and from Eilat.

Consider investing in the most fruitful soil there is: the youth! They are the future torchbearers, the carriers of revival and reconciliation, the next generation of godly leaders this nation desperately needs.

A gift of $120 will help sponsor one young person to attend this conference, and bring Arab and Jewish hearts closer to one another.

If you ever wondered what true peace in the Middle East would look like, here’s a glimpse at the wonderful friendship we share with my dear Arab brother, Pastor Saleem.