Kindness during Shavuot
A Powerful Tool for Healing in Israel

Imagine spending almost a week in bomb shelters, with your neighbors, while families with children, babies, elderly; hearing sirens every 10 minutes, as well as explosions of rockets, not being able to go to work, school, kindergarten or have any sense of normalcy.

Imagine life as you know it was paused and a new reality was introduced, a terrible and bloody reality filled with terror, sounds of sirens and rocket fire.

Many of the people that have had to ensure this latest round of attacks from Gaza are people that have fled the war in Ukraine. It was horrific for them to relive once again the trauma of war while in Israel.

Nevertheless, this was the situation here these past days. The people that suffered most are the ones who are most in need, and those we are helping the most through our humanitarian relief project.

As they are picking up their pieces after the ceasefire and trying to get back to “normal” life, they are facing so many challenges.

Our goal is to take one extra care off their minds, and provide at least a food basket for their family for a month.

After time in bomb shelters, now it’s the time for kindness, which is crucial for healing and restoration.

Would you consider supporting these families during the upcoming Shavuot (Pentecost) with a special food basket that will help sustain them for the month, while also making them feel seen, loved and cared for?

A donation as little as $30 will help feed one family during this challenging time as they are recovering from the impact of rocket fire.

It can only be accomplished with your help!