Video: King Solomon’s prayer for YOU

Often I feel the urge to go up to Jerusalem, specifically to the Western wall to pray because there’s a very special prayer anointing here. 

People have been coming to pray here for thousands of years, and it fills you with a sense of reverence the minute you arrive at this holy site where so many generations have cried out to God by this very wall of what used to be the Temple in Jerusalem.

A prayer King Solomon prayed in this very place, stretching his faith throughout generations to our time: 

Foreigners will hear about You and Your mighty power…

1 Kings 8:41a

This part was fulfilled in Jesus, when the gospel went out and reached the nations, they were heard about the God of Israel and His mighty power. 

…and some of them will come to live among your people Israel.

1 Kings 8:41b 

Today, people, especially Christians from all over the world come to live among the people of Israel. 

…listen from your home in heaven and answer their prayers. Then everyone on earth will worship you, just like your people Israel, and they will know that I have built this temple to honor You.

1 Kings 8:43 

A powerfully prophetic prayer that has withstood throughout generations when King Solomon released his faith proclaiming that when the nations will come to this place seeking God, to be among the people of Israel, that God will honor their prayers.

Today, as I stand in this very place, praying for the peace of Israel, and also for you, dear friend. 

This is one of the best things places to pray for miracles and wonders, because this very wall behind me testifies to the faithfulness of God.

This wall is the only thing that reminded me of standing when the temple was destroyed, as well as Jerusalem. Now Jerusalem is rebuilt and unified, and people of Israel are here, praying and worshipping their God with one voice, together with foreigners (Christians) that come here to worship the Lord among His people.

My prayer for YOU — 

Christians have played such a crucial role in my life, personally. So I pray for my Christian brothers and sisters in the nations, in the name of Jesus, as I stand in this holy place, that you will head, honor and answer their prayers. I pray for miracles and wonders, for their families to be blessed and restored, for provision and Your heavenly direction for their lives. 

In this place so many kings and people of God received answers to their prayers and guidance for their lives, so I pray for those who are looking for direction, bless them, Lord! Help them to hear Your voice, touch their hearts and bring them healing, in Jesus’ name.