Video: Leading by example
Youth Discipleship Camp

Organizing a three-day discipleship retreat in the Galilee for our Israeli youth was not just about training, equipping and discipling. It was also about imparting and investing in their growth, and watching them walk in Yeshua’s footsteps. 

The focus is always on raising a generation that will carry the torch of revival in Israel. A generation of godly leaders isn’t born, it is trained. 

So if we want to have godly leaders, we need to make sure we raise them ourselves, and not let the world do that job for us. 

Then our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants, and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace.

Psalm 144:12 

Our youth discipleship retreat in the Galilee gave our young men and women the opportunity to disconnect from the world, and go into a silent place of worship, prayer and fellowship while receiving anointed and powerful teachings. 

If there is anything that the global leadership crisis has taught us it is that we have to invest in our young people. 

Part of our calling is preparing the young generation for what lies ahead, ensuring they are spiritually well-equipped to face the world they are stepping into. 

This retreat was a transformative moment for our amazing young people, not a single one was left unchanged.

Yeshua touched their hearts deeply, encountering them in a special way in a place that will always be special to Him — the Galilee.