Legacy of Kindness
West Bank Soldiers Project

Our nation is no stranger to wars, nor is war a concept foreign to God. After all, He is called Adonai Tzeva’ot – Lord of armies. 

God helped Israel fight through many wars throughout the Bible. The battle isn’t something God shies away from, and He teaches us throughout His word that we need to be warriors, ready to stand and fight for what is right. 

Currently, while our soldiers are fighting in Gaza, and war is threatening to break out in the northern border, there are troops currently serving in the West Bank, protecting Jewish communities there, while ensuring Israel’s safety across the border. 

Throughout this war, we have been reaching out and helping many different groups of people and families that needed our help. However, there’s something very special for us when we are able to help our defenders, the soldiers who risk their lives every day so we can sleep peacefully at night. 

Recently, we crossed the border into the West Bank accompanied by the IDF, to visit Jewish communities, and offer help where it was needed, but also, we were able to bring much-needed support to our soldiers who deserve to be looked after as they are looking after all of us. 

We brought mattresses, bulletproof vests, food supplies, basic equipment and so much more. It filled our hearts with gratitude to be able to do that for them when they’re doing so much for us. 

Seeing their grateful faces, hearing their incredible testimonies filled with bravery and sheer heroism, while also being able to share with them about YOU, Christians, our wonderful friends who stand with Israel and pray for them while sending all this generous support. 

Many of them were deeply touched to learn there are amazing people like YOU, who love Israel, pray and stand with us. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel of God’s love, and to see that jealousy for God in their eyes that YOUR love and kindness helped kindle in them,  that is the legacy of kindness that you are sowing throughout Israel through your generous support. 

We’re honoured to call you a true friend and to walk this journey together, as we join hands in blessing Israel through these humanitarian projects that open the eyes and hearts of Israelis to the reality of God’s love revealed through YOUR kindness.

More people in Israel need our help!

Join us in spreading God’s love and blessing Israel in such a dark time, and we will see the promises of God fulfilled, His light shining down on Israel and through Israel on the nations, as we pray for God’s shalom

We thank YOU for being a part of this journey with us!  

Keep walking this path with us; support Israel TODAY.