“Let My People Go!” Urgent Prayer Alert for Kidnapped Israelis

Sanctity of life is a moral compass by which Israel, as a nation, is guided. We cherish the life of every single Israeli as if he were family because, in this nation, he is. 

That is the main reason why Israel is willing to go to great lengths in order to release our kidnapped hostages. It is our moral obligation, that even today leads us to great sacrifices. 

A deal was reached with the terrorist organization Hamas in order to release some of our hostages, as many as we possibly could get them to release at this point. 

The deal was supposed to take place yesterday, and at the last minute was thwarted and delayed by Hamas. 

The immense stress and pain families and loved ones of these hostages go through in anxious anticipation to see if their children will be released today or not, is devastating. 

Prayer is our strongest tool against the enemy’s plots and wiles. Israel needs your prayers! While parents are waiting for their small children to be released from the hands of monsters, the entire nation is holding its breath along with them in anticipation of the release of our hostages, and the people of Israel are united in prayer. 

I want to ask you personally: Join us! Pray with us! Become part of a prayer chain that unites the entire nation of Israel right now who lift up their voices in unison and pray for the safe return of our children and loved ones held by terrorists. 

As you faithfully stand throughout this season with Israel, strengthening us in this dark moment, I also want to cover YOU in prayer from Zion. 

We pray that God will bless you, while you are supporting and praying for Israel, you are also facing spiritual attacks, we pray that the Lord will give you peace (shalom) in your heart and victory in your life, just as He will give it to Israel, according to His eternal promises!