Lifting Up the Poor of Israel this Winter

As 2022 draws to a close, we stand humbled and in awe of all that God has accomplished this year through our various projects, outreaches, and ministries. He truly is El Shaddai, the God who is “more than enough,” and He never fails to deliver on all that He has promised. Despite a year of breakthroughs and victories in His name, our work is not done for 2022.

Winter has set in here in Israel with temperatures plummeting rapidly and people—especially new Jewish immigrants and Ukrainian refugees—being vastly unprepared for Israel’s surprisingly cold winter. For many of these dear ones, this will be their first winter in Israel, and we want to make sure they are taken care of and blessed with the love and aid of Jesus.

Our plan over the next couple of weeks is to provide 50 families from among new Jewish immigrants and Ukrainian refugees, along with their children, critical humanitarian aid for winter. Aiding the desperate and the poor is part of our mission to demonstrate the love and reality of Jesus to the people of Israel. As we walk out our faith and do the good deeds of Jesus, we shine His light and love to the people of Israel and get them to start seeking answers and asking questions about our Heavenly Father.

We would love to ask you to stand with us in this worthy and important project of providing succor and aid to those who are less privileged in Israel, and who themselves have made a tremendous step of faith in returning to their ancient homeland of Israel. With your financial aid, you can make a difference by being a blessing, and being blessed by God in return, as it’s written in Genesis 12:3 – “I will bless those who bless you.

Every Winter Care Basket that we will be providing families consists of the following items:

  • Adult size comforter $30
  • Kids size comforter $23
  • Electric Heater $35
  • Bedding Set – Adult size $38
  • Bedding Set – Kids size $32

You can either sponsor an entire hamper, or specific items as the Spirit leads you!

God bless you, as you bless Israel!

Beit Hallel is a Messianic Jewish congregation in Ashdod, led by pastor Israel Pochtar, serving holocaust survivors and the poor and needy locally and throughout the nation of Israel, while building up the body of Messiah in the promised land of Israel.