Making disciples and raising up servant leaders

The Word of God puts a powerful emphasis on godly leadership. So much in history depended on strong and God-fearing leaders, that earthly kingdoms rose and fell as a result of good or bad leadership.

When Yeshua came to the scene, He gave a clear biblical example of a true leader; one who came to serve, yet also led. One who will teach hard truth, even when it’s inconvenient to hear, all while loving people above all else.

He also taught us the meaning of true discipleship, one that changes the course of history.

Biblical principles of leadership is what we’re teaching in our discipleship course that is aimed at raising and strengthening leaders, as well as disciple future ones.

With our congregations growing at a steady pace, we are seeing a need in discipleship as never before. Raising up Jesus-like leaders is crucial in the season we’re in, especially in Israel.

We are both called to “go and make disciples…” (Matthew 28:19) as well as to invest in our leaders through biblical discipleship, working towards the vision of seeing Israel saved and transformed through the gospel of Yeshua.

Our weekly Discipling Leaders course is designed to give people the opportunity to be immersed in sound biblical teachings, while training them to take up their calling to be disciple-making fishers of men.

Please keep this transformative Discipleship course in your prayers, as the Lord is busy raising up new leaders in our community.