Many Come to Honor David, Revealing Something Beautiful about Israelis

Over the past week in Israel, many of our young military men and women have fallen in defense of the nation of Israel against Hamas. It’s a terrible ordeal for any parent to have to go through when their child passes away. Two such parents are Haim and Miriam, senior leaders at Beit Hallel Congregation, who are anointed ministers of the Word, having led many Israelis to Yeshua. Their dear son, David, whom we all knew and loved, fell during the initial invasion by Hamas on the border with Gaza.

In accordance with Jewish tradition, after the death and burial of a family member, it is customary for the family members to sit in mourning for seven days. In Hebrew this is called “Shiva,” and during this time relatives and friends, even strangers, would come to pay their respects. This is also the case with Miriam and Chaim who are currently doing the Shiva. They have set up a tent outside their apartment building with refreshments to welcome all visitors. Miriam and Chaim are Messianic Jewish believers, as was David, born again and sanctified by the blood of Yeshua, and therefore it was truly miraculous to see what happened next at the Shiva.

A call went out on social media platforms in Ashdod about David—who fell in defense of Israel, and thus named as “tzadik” or “righteous” according to Jewish tradition—for Ashdod residents to come and honor his memory. As a result throughout the days there was an influx of secular and religious Jews arriving at the tent to pray traditional Jewish prayers, and to show their love and appreciation for this precious young man. It was astounding to see just how many people showed up, not even having known David, but wanting to honor him, as we are united as a Jewish family in Israel, especially during times of tribulation.

This is a beautiful aspect of the nation of Israel. When there is a time of tribulation and darkness in the Land, as there is now, then the nation comes together as one big family. Absolutely everybody is doing their part to help and to comfort the citizens and soldiers of Israel. As in the previous wars waged against the nation of Israel, God has always shown Himself faithful in Israel’s defense. This time again, God will protect His nation and carry her through these troubled waters and restore her.

We as Beit Hallel are mobilizing with all haste to aid our soldiers at the military bases in the south of Israel, by providing them with basic day-to-day items, from thermal undershirts and undergarments, socks and hygiene products, to snacks, bottled water, energy drinks, head flashlights, sleeping bags, wet wipes etc. 

Our humanitarian action teams are also mobilizing to distribute food baskets to Israeli families in need, containing a variety of essential and long-lasting food products. As families are taking shelter in bunkers and staying behind closed doors, not prepared to venture out to stores or to our distribution center, we need to go to them.

Your friendship and support of Israel is immensely appreciated during this time. You are invited to stand with us in support of our needy families in Ashdod and Ashkelon, as well as our soldiers on the frontline of a war that Israel is fighting for its very survival. To Give towards these projects of ours, please visit us at or click the button below. Thanks and God bless!