Men on a mission – Trailblazing for Yeshua

The need to minister to men is an ever-present need, especially when we think about the pressure and attacks men are under these days.

Men are our fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, as well as our troops, breadwinners, protectors, and pillars of our communities. God created man after His own likeness, so we see the importance of recognizing the challenges that are unique to men, and we shine a light on those issues. It can only occur through men’s fellowship and time spent together as brothers.

Recently we launched a unique part of our men’s ministry where we take out groups of our men on hiking trails along Shvil Israel — the Israel National Trail, and each week we take time to hike, pray and fellowship together as we go through amazing places that Yeshua passed as well.

It’s a powerful boost that is so crucial to the brothers, to be able to spend that time together, being able to open up to one another and speak about things they wouldn’t feel comfortable otherwise.

Taking this time to hike along the Israel National Trail each week, allowing God to speak to our men in a special way, nurture them as a Father while they actively seek His face in these precious moments of brotherhood — it will edify and cultivate strong godly fathers, husbands, sons and brothers, true followers of Yeshua in word and in action.

No time that is spent actively seeking God, fellowship, and edification with one another is ever wasted, but rather wisely invested and will bear amazing fruit.

Pray with us for this unique ministry opportunity, that it will open men’s hearts as never before, that more of them will join each week, for it to be a blessing to them, and for God to touch the hearts of men as never before as they walk in Yeshua’s footsteps along the trail of Israel.