My Brother’s Keeper—Israel War Update (Day 33)

It has been a month since Israel was thrust into a war after the most brutal attack and massacre of Jewish people since the Holocaust during World War II. A month in regular everyday life doesn’t feel the same as a month in times of war. There’s so much more to do, organize, put together, coordinate, reach and help. 

Taking into account the massive mobilization of 360,000 reserves that left our economy without the main breadwinners who are now all on the frontline, defending their country. Beit Hallel Congregation personally has sent 36 soldiers into the IDF to join the war effort, including two of pastor Israel’s sons, our worship leader, and many other valuable members of our congregation who are brothers, sons and fathers. 

Everything we were focused on before war shifted drastically after October 7th. All our regular ministry work had to take a back seat to the crucial work we needed to focus on now, in order to support the people of Israel and be a blessing to our nation. We went out under rocket fire to visit people in bomb shelters and brought them groceries, food, clothing items, games and toys for children who were spending days and nights hearing non stop alarms and rocket fire. 

In Ashkelon specially we found so many elderly people and mothers with small children all sharing a bomb shelter. We brought them refrigerators, beds, mattresses, but most importantly, we were able to bring them comfort and encouragement in these difficult times. Many families were isolated in their homes, unable to leave their apartment to even do basic grocery runs. Our team was going from house to house, to deliver everything they needed, to make sure their children had a small reason to smile. 

If there was ever an opportunity to  share God’s love with the people of Israel, it was now. When people are afraid, grieving and hurting the most, that’s when God’s love through acts of kindness finds its way into their hearts. Our teams went out to do hospital visits, to bless our medical staff that have been working around the clock since the war broke out, whether it was food or anything else they needed, our team was there to provide. 

When our reserve soldiers from Beit Halle were called up to the frontline alongside the Gaza border, as well as the northern border, thanks to your invaluable friendship and support, we were able to supply them with lifesaving bulletproof vests, to ensure that they are protected while protecting us. It was one of the most rewarding things to be able to provide our soldiers with special food and whatever needs they had in the field (like thermal wear, first aid kits, etc). 

Beit Hallel Congregation is known for its vast volunteer work. We’ve always cultivated a spirit of generosity and service in people. This past month it surpassed all our expectations, people were volunteering for everything and anything that was needed, eagerly wanting to help, bless, pray for people and make a difference. 

This was and is the best time we are able to share about God’s love and the love of our Christian friends from the nations. Thanks to you, we’ve delivered thousands of hot meals and food baskets to affected families, while seeing it in people’s eyes, the immense gratitude that opens their hearts to God. Thank you for sharing this journey with us, for walking alongside us in this difficult season. 

There’s so much more ahead, so much more work to be done. However what we have been able to accomplish in the last month thanks to your eager and unconditional support is absolutely remarkable. You have been a bigger blessing to the people of Israel than you can possibly imagine! You truly have been our bothers’ keepers. 

As we continue and press forward in reaching the people of Israel with the love of God, rest assured you are with us, right alongside us, your helping hand and loving heart are felt, and it transforms the lives of Israeli people. 

Let’s not grow weary in doing good… There’s more work ahead. Let’s continue to bless the people of Israel as it is fighting for its survival. Pray with us and support Israel every chance you get, because every bit matters, and every bit makes a big difference.