Never Again is Now
Just a Slogan or a Conviction?

Standing for what is right isn’t about political opinions or affiliations, it’s about aligning ourselves with God’s character and Word.

In today’s climate, when standing with Israel has become increasingly unpopular, many Christians stand at a crossroads, having to make the difficult decision to stand with God’s nation, even if it comes at a high personal cost.

The State of Israel rose from the ashes of the Holocaust. It isn’t coincidental that God chose to restore the nation of Israel in their ancient homeland right after the Holocaust.

If there was ever a way to tell the world: NEVER AGAIN; this was the loudest and clearest way God chose to do it.

As the years pass, more and more survivors pass away, having lived through the most horrendous atrocities committed in the 20th century.

The lives of remaining Holocaust survivors were forever marked by the horrors they experienced. The youngest of them are 80+ years old, some well over 100.

It has always been our core mission to bring dignity to the fragile elderly Jews in Israel who have survived the Holocaust. It isn’t just our duty, but also our calling.

Remembering our past means standing firm in the identity of our present.

While the world will commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27th, the best way to remember and never forget is to help the remaining survivors today, before it’s too late.

Honouring these precious people by bringing dignity to their final days is a way to join God’s proclamation: Never again!

We will be blessing our beloved elderly survivors with special care packages, so they feel loved, cared for, and most importantly not forgotten, as we honour the lives and testimonies on whose shoulders Israel was rebuilt once again.

Join us in blessing Jewish Holocaust survivors in Israel, right in time for International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Please give TODAY!