New Church Building Announcement: God’s Timing is Perfect!

In the midst of chaos and tragedy, we also get glimmers of light and hope that propel us forward, assuring us that there are far greater things ahead than any we leave behind. 

After many years, many bureaucracy issues, persecutions and obstacles in our path, Beit Hallel Congregation is finally moving into its first self owned building which will house both our congregational operations, humanitarian projects, administration and all ministry work. 

It is a big milestone for us, one we’ve been praying and waiting for far too long. 

God is never late. He is always on time, because He is the Lord of time. Trusting Him and His guidance through any challenge and obstacle will only lead to the best possible solution He has prepared for us. 

Be blessed by the pictures and videos of our new church building’s preparation process, as they chronicle the faithfulness, goodness, and provision from God, as He ensures that that which He has begun will also be completed. Amen!