New Year’s Blessing from Pastor Israel Pochtar!

Stepping into 2024 with Fire, Dedication and Sacrifice 

As we’re about to turn the page on 2023, we look back and reflect on everything this year represented. 

For us in Israel, this year was a remarkably difficult one. A year that has shifted paradigms and changed mindsets, it has left Israel both vulnerable at the tremendous loss this nation suffered, while at the same time revealing the resilience of the people of Israel. 

One of the things Israel has mastered throughout history is rising from the ashes. 

It comes to show that God’s calling, plans, purposes and promises are eternal and unbreakable. Especially when it comes to His people. 

This year was a challenging one, but towards the end the darkness that was released on our nation was unprecedented. 

Yet, in the midst of these trials and tribulations, God has shown us how He is working miracles among His people. Just as the prophets said, God will shake everything that needs to be shaken. 

Israel is a type of prototype God is using to reveal to the world what He will do around the globe. The Bible speaks about it again and again. 

Whatever happened and happens in Israel will shake the nations. Regardless of how far you live from Israel, by design whatever happens here will affect you and your nation directly. 

Anything that God is doing in Israel is connected to your life, your family and your nation as well. 

Which is why it’s so crucial to understand the dynamics of God’s kingdom. 

As I share with you the prophetic word I received for our congregation, which includes a lot of God’s principles, I hope it will serve as an encouragement for your life. 

This year marked the release of darkness, war and destruction. However it doesn’t mark the end, but the beginning of Israel’s battle. 

However, in the midst of it all, amazing things also happened as a result of this darkness. People of Israel were shaken up, forced to reevaluate many things, the division that reigned suddenly was demolished by remarkable unity that arose when the nation stood side by side in the face of common adversity. 

It has been a beautiful process of humility and healing we could witness in our nation, because this was the year when Israel remembered its eternal calling and turned in unison towards God, calling up on Him. 

Words for 2024: 

— FIRE — 

As we’re about to step into 2024, we are full of expectations, because the word we received from God for 2024 is FIRE IN OUR HEARTS. 

We need to focus on keeping the fire for the Lord burning in our hearts, especially now when we are surrounded by the spirit of deception. 

The world is going crazy, led by the spirit of deception, and it will only get worse. 

Yes, we will still experience wonderful moments, yet as a whole, the world has sunk into a deep hole of deception and will only go crazier with the lie they’ve embraced and believe in. 

What’s going to help us keep the FIRE of God burning in our hearts? 

When we pray and ask the Lord to come and cleanse us from the inside out, change us and purify us, help us keep the fire of the Holy Spirit in the midst of all the deception and destruction, help us hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and be led by Him — He will honor that prayer and He will do it for you! 

The same fire of God that will cleanse you, is the same one that will fill you and guide you, so you don’t fall for the lies and deception that the world is spreading vehemently these days. 

The Spirit of God is setting our hearts of fire, removing and purging us from everything that is not from the Lord, and is shifting our focus on His kingdom. 


The second part of His word for 2024 we received was dedication and sacrifice. 

When we dedicate our lives to Him on a deeper level than when we initially gave our hearts to Yeshua, there’s a profound commitment in it, when you say out loud: “Lord, I choose to serve YOU! I choose to live for YOU and YOUR glory! Glorify Your name in me and through me, Jesus. Allow others to be touched by your glory in me.” 

That is the power of true dedication. It is able to transform not only us, but those around us. 

When we dedicate ourselves and we SPEAK the words, it’s so important to speak those words out loud in your prayers, let those words materialize in your life, let the enemy hear your unshakable dedication to the Lord. 

Tell others around you how much you love Jesus, how much you’re willing to sacrifice for Him, that you live for His kingdom and purposes. 

It’s words our children need to hear, our family, friends and loved ones need to hear, as well as the world; both physical and spiritual. 

Those words spoken out loud carry the power to IGNITE the fire of God in our hearts and lives even more. 

These words also carry the power to RELEASE the fire of God on everything around us. 

Be encouraged for this new chapter of 2024. While we will face challenges, we need to speak out loud and proclaim our dedication to the Lord, while continuously to sacrifice for Him, whether it’s our time, efforts, comfort, resources, our very lives for Yeshua! 

At the end of the day, that is what we are called to do — leave everything behind, follow Jesus and live for Him. Whether when it’s convenient and comfortable, and also when it’s hard, uncomfortable and darkness is threatening to swallow us. 

True power lies in the life that we’ve given, dedicated and sacrificed for Jesus and continue to do so daily. 

John 16:33 — ““I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

We will see great challenges in 2024, but even greater victories Yeshua will give us, as we walk in His fire, in dedication and sacrifice. 

Be blessed from Israel!