Next Level 22: Investing in the Future Leaders of Israel

When we first saw the tremendous need in the body of Israeli believers for a powerful discipling ministry geared towards the younger generation, we knew it was something the Lord was calling us to take on. That was how NEXT LEVEL Youth Conference was first born a few years ago.NEXT LEVEL was created to empower and equip our nation’s youth, to encourage them to press through life’s challenges without giving up on their faith, until they reached the next level of anointing and power in Yeshua. We also felt led to raise up a new generation of young leaders and ministers who will serve faithfully and effectively local Israeli congregations in their communities.

Whatever career path they choose in life, we want to give them the tools to fulfill their God-given calling and to shine God’s light in every area of their lives.

This year NEXT LEVEL will take place during the feast of Purim which is very prophetic because it speaks about the courage of one young Jewish woman, Esther, who resisted evil (Human) and stood in the gap for her people, even if the price was death. She understood her assignment from God, and accepted that despite her royal privileges, she was called “…for such a time as this.”

That is why NEXT LEVEL is always around Purim, to remind young people that they were called, just like Esther, for such a time as this.

NEXT LEVEL is a 3-day conference where we host young people as they immerse themselves in impacting teaching, fellowship, worship, and prayer. The bond of friendship and love is strengthened among the youth as they spend these days alongside one another, sharing their meals, their life experiences, and their testimonies. This special time serves to inspire them to strive higher, to serve better, to impact lovingly, to share their faith boldly, and to be the catalysts of change in Israeli society.

Please pray with us for this conference, for the logistics, the preparations, but more importantly for God’s anointing and guidance, for open hearts, and receptiveness. We also need your prayers for the funds we still need to raise in order to provide this conference to young people free of charge, to feed them daily, to provide them with teaching materials and books, to host them with suitable accommodations, and to arrange transportation from all over Israel for them.

If your heart is passionate about youth work and raising up young Esther-like leaders in Israel, especially during this time, prayerfully consider supporting youth work in Israel and NEXT LEVEL. Our total budget and need for the event is $10,000 out of which we’ve already raised $2,000. No gift is too big or too small, yet the fruit is endless!