Video: Outdoor Discipleship – Youth Camp in the Israel Desert

Youth camps for young believers can be a powerful tool for discipleship and have a great impact on their spiritual growth.

When you have that camp in the desert, hiking along the biblical trails that people of Israel walked when they wandered in the desert before entering the promised land — it triples the impact.

There’s something truly transformative in the lessons and activities that are hands-on in nature that incorporate working as a team, while praying and worshipping the Lord together in Israel’s biblical desert.

We cannot over emphasize how crucial youth discipleship is, especially in these times we’re living in. Which is why this past weekend the Discipleship Youth Camp we had in the desert for young people was so amazing.

Young people who are on the verge of adulthood, who are learning and absorbing so much information flung at them daily through the digital platforms, we need to make sure we are there to support them, guide, disciple and prepare them using sound biblical principles that will help them on their path.

It was as powerful as it was transformative. Our young people all attested to how they came out of that experience changed and challenged them to continue their walk with the Lord, drawing their wisdom from Him, not from the world.

Three days in the desert, submerged in teachings, praise, worship, prayer and fellowship was the outdoor discipleship that we want to give every young person the opportunity to experience.

Thank you for being a part of it and supporting our youth work in Israel! We couldn’t do this without you.