Passover Evangelism in the Desert!

Biblical feasts are always the biggest opportunity to reach people with the gospel. This upcoming Passover will be a special one, because we will not only celebrate God’s deliverance of His people from the bondage of Egypt, but we will also remember that in the same way Yeshua delivered us from the bondage of sin, becoming our Passover lamb.

That is the idea behind organizing a very special Passover Evangelism Seder in the desert for young families, many of whom have never even heard the gospel in their life. To now be able to hear it preached in the Promised Land to which God brought their forefathers and now their families, makes it even more special.

What better way to celebrate this important prophetic feast than by revealing the meaning behind it and what it truly represents.

It will be a truly unique opportunity to reach many with the gospel while celebrating exodus and God’s deliverance in the desert.

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