Perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this – Raising a priestly generation

NEXT LEVEL Youth Conference was first created out of a growing need to empower and equip our nation’s youth, to encourage them to press through life’s challenges without giving up on their faith, until they reached the next level of anointing and power in Yeshua.

We also felt led to raise up a new generation of young leaders and ministers who will serve faithfully and effectively local Israeli congregations in their communities.

This year NEXT LEVEL will take place during the feast of Purim which is very prophetic, because it speaks about the courage of one young Jewish woman, Esther, who resisted evil (Haman) and stood in the gap for her people, even if the price was death.

She understood her assignment from God, and accepted that despite her royal privileges, she was called “…for such a time as this.”

This year the conference takes on a whole new meaning and deeper significance with so many of us watching the horrors of war that unfold in Ukraine, having relatives, friends there, as well as dear brothers and sisters in Christ there that we personally know.

We want to unite the youth in powerful solidarity and intercession to stand in the gap and pray for this terrible situation.

If your heart is passionate about youth work and raising up young Esther-like leaders in Israel, especially during this time, you can support NEXT LEVEL