Pharaoh’s Daughter’s Dowry
Exploring the mysteries of the ancient biblical city of Gezer

Gezer is an ancient Canaanite city that was rebuilt by King Solomon over 3000 years ago. If you visit it today, you can walk among the ancient stones and ruins of this fascinating piece of biblical history.

As we walk into what used to be an ancient home, we find two pillars that probably upheld the roof together. It made me think of the story of Samson, when he grabbed two supporting pillars that held the construction together and manifesting supernatural strength, he moved them until the entire place was brought down on the enemy’s head.

It’s fascinating to be able to walk around ancient biblical history in Israel, to touch those millennial stones, enter into those ancient houses, and experience the Bible coming alive in such a unique way! Gezer used to be one of Canaanites’ biggest strongholds and used to be known as the strongest city in the Land in those days.

When Joshua first came to fight in the city of Lachish, the armies of Gezer were sent to attack Joshua. However, they were not successful and they were defeated. However Joshua didn’t conquer Gezer, and it remained a Canaanite city until the days of King Solomon, who took the city and rebuilt it.

When king Solomon first came to power, we can read in the Bible how the city became an Israeli one. It is most likely that Gezer paid homage to king Solomon, recognizing him to be the reigning power in the region, and King Solomon respected their own ruling powers since there were agreements, alliances and covenants in place to protect Gezer before King Solomon even appeared.

Pharaoh king of Egypt had gone up and taken Gezer and burned it with fire, had killed the Canaanites who dwelt in the city, and had given it as a dowry to his daughter, Solomon’s wife. And Solomon built Gezer, Lower Beth Horon.</p)

1 Kings 9:16-17

King Solomon didn’t mess with Canaanites, however, we can see he didn’t have to. He married the pharaoh’s daughter, which was one of his greatest accomplishments that brought him a great fortune, one of which was Gezer which was handed to him by Pharaoh himself as his daughter’s dowry.

It’s important to note that Egypt was a superpower in those times, and the pharaoh’s daughter was considered goddess-like in her status. For the pharaoh to give his daughter in marriage to King Solomon only shows how respected and recognized he was for his might and power.

Pharaoh knew how important Gezer was to Solomon, the strongest city in Israel that he needed, yet he wouldn’t break covenants that were in place to get it, so Pharaoh made the journey from Egypt to Gezer, conquered it with the sole purpose of offering it as a gift, his daughter’s dowry in her marriage to King Solomon.

The first thing King Solomon did was to rebuild the great city of Gezer as a strategic powerful stronghold of his kingdom in the Land.

The opportunity to stand right in the middle of the ancient ruins of Gezer, to touch its pillars that stand there to this day, to look around and enjoy the view that King Solomon also enjoyed over 3000 years ago, is an absolute privilege we have today in Israel. One you can also enjoy when you visit Israel, which has finally opened its borders to international tourism after two years!

We are looking forward to seeing you return and visit us in Israel soon, to walk around the cities, towns, streets that have seen so much biblical history, and enjoy the Bible coming to life in a unique way.