Praying for Israel’s Salvation
21 Days of Prayer

The Bible calls on all believers to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem…”, emphasizing the importance of not just prayer, but prayer for the peace of Jerusalem specifically, letting us know that peace of Jerusalem affects the entire world.

We’re witnessing a special move of God with millions of people around the world joining hands in prayer for Jerusalem. It is called 21 Days of Prayer.

For the next 3 weeks millions of people will be praying, interceding and fasting for Israel’s sake.

I want to encourage you to join us, because whenever a powerful movement like that arises to stand in the gap for Israel, it brings the salvation of Israel nearer.

God is speaking to millions of people around the world to pray for Israel’s salvation and restoration.

Be a part of this global prayer movement in the next 3 weeks, and join us as a prayer warrior and watchmen on the walls of God’s nation.