Purim – Last opportunity to Bless the Children

Our week of Purim celebrations is in full swing with the goal to spread the joy of the Lord, especially to children who have a very special place in their hearts for this joyful feast. Our amazing team is working tirelessly every day to decorate our congregation, as well as arranging a special musical costume party so that the joy will fill people with the spirit of joy that Purim is meant to bring.

Purim is all about rejoicing in the Lord’s victory and deliverance, remembering it by sending each other gifts and taking care of the poor. That’s the Purim commandment, and that is what we focused on. We wanted to celebrate the Lord’s victory over adversity, and we wanted to do it by taking care of those in need, especially children, many of whom are celebrating Purim for the very first time in their lives.

Nothing reveals God’s nature more than acts of kindness motivated by love.

You would be amazed at how little many of those kids have access to. Things we take for granted, like cereal or yogurt, children from low-income families consider these things to be luxuries. This is why we want to make sure we bless them abundantly during this joyful feast of Purim with a special care package consisting of these little “luxuries” they never get to enjoy.

That is where you play a big role! We couldn’t possibly accomplish this project without you. It is your generosity, kindness and love that is even making it possible for us to bless children and see these beautiful smiles on their faces.

Even the smallest gift can be translated into the brightest smile! If you haven’t yet, this is the last opportunity to give towards our special Purim Children Project.

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