Purim Musical Praise Report

The feast of Purim is not just a biblical feast, but it is also God’s love letter to His people. It is His way of having the last say in the battle of good against evil.

When we were initially approached by the Ashdod city hall, requesting that our drama club put on a musical production of Esther for Purim, which they would open up to the general public, we knew it was a divine opportunity to carry God’s message to a wider audience.

God has blessed us with an incredibly talented and creative group of youngsters who were able to put together an outstanding performance. It wasn’t just a wonderfully creative production, but it also had God’s anointing all over it, leaving none of the 400 people in attendance in the dark about what God has done for His people in the Book of Esther. 

The message was clearly brought across that God delivered the nation of Israel from annihilation in ancient Persia, and that we are to honor and commemorate His victory over evil through celebrating and keeping Purim.

People were so touched by the musical production, and we received many testimonies afterwards of the impact it had made on people’s lives.  Many testified how they had never really understood the meaning of Purim until now, while others were in tears because it touched them deeply to learn of God’s commitment to His people throughout history.

We give God all the glory for the favor and open doors He has granted us with the city officials of Ashdod, as well as for the platform to perform this production to the public, and reconnect the Jewish people with God and His eternal love and commitment to the nation of Israel.