Video: Raising up a Habitation for the Lord in Ashdod


The day for building your walls will come, the day for extending your boundaries.

Micah 7:11

In the book of Micah chapter 7, we read how the Lord spoke through the prophet Micah about Israel’s resurrection and restoration from a state of desolation and despair. Through the words of the prophet God paints a vivid picture of just how far the nation of Israel had fallen, but He also makes a powerful proclamation of how the nation would rise again from its ruined state. In verse 11 Micah prophecies that the day will come for Israel to build her walls and to extend her boundaries.

This is not just a reference to a physical revival, but also a spiritual revival. How wonderful to realize that we are living in the very days that the prophet spoke about! Not only have we been experiencing the physical restoration of Israel over the last 75 years, but also the even more important spiritual restoration of the nation. There are more believers and congregations now in Israel than ever before, and the numbers are increasing exponentially.

Preparing habitations for the Lord across Israel is therefore of the utmost importance in order for the unsaved to hear the Gospel message, for new believers to be discipled and enjoy the unity of the Spirit, as well as a home base from which evangelists and pastors can be sent out into the nation. The fields are white for harvest, and the time has come for the workers to be sent forth into the fields.

Our new building in Ashdod is such a place. This congregational building will serve as both a place of worship for hundreds of Israelis every week, as well as a revival centre where Israeli believers and the youth will be discipled, leaders and ministers will be raised up, and from which new congregations pioneered! In addition, this building will serve as a venue for impacting conferences, seminars, Bible school, and Biblical training courses.

We have already taken some major steps, such as painting the venue, reinforcing the walls, hiring an interior designer, making repairs to the floors and ceiling, installing security doors and fences, as well as ordering all of the windows (floor-to-ceiling windows for the auditorium, casement windows for the foyer, staircase, and first-floor lobby) and we are currently in the process of constructing the front stage and rigging.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us and sowing a seed of any amount towards this important project? Stand with us today and become a custodian of revival in Israel!

Thank you and God bless!