Shavuot and the Final Harvest

Shavuot was all about the dedication of our first fruits to the Lord. Taking the sheaves from our field, lifting them before God and waving it as a goodwill offering, which was fulfilled in Yeshua who was raised from the dead as the first fruit among the brethren, and brought before God as a sacrifice for us all. 

However, it is also about the final harvest of souls. Just as we reap the sheaves from our fields to dedicate to the Lord, saved souls represent those sheaves as the final harvest brought before God. 

Then the two loaves of bread that were to be prepared according to special instructions, symbolizing each the Jews and Gentiles, when God made one finally one. 

The beautiful symbolism of the Feast of Shavuot that was filled in the New Testament through Jesus. 

While the practical side of Shavuot in the Old Testament speaks about harvest season in the Land, the New Testament speaks about Shavuot as the harvest of souls, which couldn’t have been fulfilled without the Holy Spirit who is an inseparable part of Shavuot fulfilment. 

The disciples gathered in the upper room in Jerusalem, where they waited and prayed, anticipating just as Jesus instructed them. They knew it was Shavuot and something big was going to happen because Shavuot was an extremely important biblical feast. 

That Shavuot morning the Holy Spirit came down as a rushing wind on the disciples, completely turning their lives upside down, and filling them with His presence. 

Their lives were never the same since.
Human history was never the same since. 

The amazing news is that the same Holy Spirit is now in us, and He is working through us to collect the final harvest of souls. 

Shavuot is now the Feast of the Holy Spirit, celebrating Jesus’ victory over death, reminding us we were entrusted with the Great Commission and our mission is not over yet. There’s still joy to receive and work to do. 

Yet in the midst of Shavuot celebration, God reminds us of an important principle which is a part of Shavuot: don’t forget the poor! 

When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. Leave them for the poor and for the foreigner residing among you. I am the LORD your God.

Leviticus 23:22

This is God’s way of reminding us to never worry about sharing our blessings and abundance with the poor and needy because He is the Lord our God, who takes care of us. 

How remarkable that even when God is teaching us about salvation and blessings, He never fails to remember and remind us to take care of those in need. 

That is His way of training and moulding our hearts to be open, sensitive and caring to the suffering of others around us, to not only focus on our own fields, but remember those who have less, and allow them to partake in the harvest that God gave us. 

The Kingdom of God is all about taking care of us, from our practical needs all the way to our spiritual needs. 

This Shavuot season I urge you to walk in the power, presence and glory of the Holy Spirit so that Yeshua’s word is preached all over the world, which will prepare the way for His imminent return. 

I pray over YOU personally, that the presence of the Holy Spirit will work in your life even stronger, may God’s blessing overflow in your life and may His Spirit fill you with His power, transform your life and use you for His glory.