Shavuot-Pentecost Evangelism in Jerusalem

Can you imagine having a mass evangelism event during Shavuot-Pentecost in the very place where the Holy Spirit was poured out in the days of Acts? Being able to gather hundreds of Israelis in Jerusalem, the city of the great King, and share the Gospel message with them is a tremendous privilege, and one that we don’t take lightly. Releasing the Gospel message and proclaiming words of prophecy to the people whom the Gospel message came to first is a great responsibility, but also an extremely strategic and powerful act towards Israel’s redemptive future.

The atmosphere at the event was electric, and we felt the power of God all around. We knew that the 21 Days of Prayer from all around the world had been instrumental in setting the stage for revival in Israel, and for that reason we were full of faith that God would move and that many would be saved at this event.

We had a total of 10 busloads of people coming for the event, which meant that more than 500 Jewish Israelis. many among them new immigrants from Ukraine and Russia, would be attending the evangelism. The first thing that we noticed about the people were their open and receptiveness, as they listened intently to the Word that Pastor Israel was delivering from the stage. The presence of God was obvious, as many were weeping or had their heads bowed in silent contemplation, during the sermon.

Pastor Israel shared about the Biblical feast of Shavuot and its profound connection with Yeshua, and how He was the fulfillment of this Biblical prophecy. He also spoke to the crowds of people, and encouraged them that the words of the prophets, speaking about aliyah and the return of the Jewish people, were about them, and that they were important in God’s plans!

He continued by saying that the prophets promised that God would root them in the land of Israel, that He would bless them, and that He would pour out His Holy Spirit on them, and that they would know Him. Hallelujah! When the altar call was announced, nearly the entire assembly of people stood up to pray the prayer of salvation and to receive Yeshua as their Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord, because this response shows that God is moving in Israel, and that revival is on the way. Amen!

After the altar call, we also invited people for personal prayer, for their health, finances, families etc. One lady came to us and said that she didn’t need prayer for healing, because during the sermon of Pastor Israel, her knee that had been giving her problems for decades, had been healed completely! As we were visiting Biblical sites in and around Jerusalem later that day, she kept witnessing to all around of how the Lord had healed her knee, and that she was able to walk unimpeded by pain and discomfort. Hallelujah!

Please stand with us in prayer for all those who had attended the evangelism, those who had responded to the altar call, and of our follow-up work that would soon begin. Thank you to all of you who had prayed into this event, and also who had sown financially into the event. God bless you!