She’arayim – A Biblical Fortress where Faith overcame Fear

She’arayim—the very place where David met with King Saul and they were strategizing together, thinking of ways to overcome Goliath. This is the actual place where King Saul was willing to strip himself of his armor and give it to David, along with his weapons.David refused, saying he will only fight the way he is used to fighting. No one really expected a young shepherd would defeat the giant warrior, but to the surprise of many, David came back having won that impossible battle with nothing more than a slingshot.

David’s main weapon was overcoming his fear. The great warriors and army generals were all filled with fear at the sight of Goliath, but David overcame that fear with his faith. He knew it wouldn’t be a problem because he knew what unbreakable covenant he had with God.

When David said: “For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?!” — he was making a statement, claiming that no “uncircumcised” (person not in covenant with God) can defy God or have victory.

She’arayim will forever be the place that saw David depart as a young shepherd no one regarded, and return as a victorious future king that made history.

From this very place today I pray for you, dear friend. May God continue to help you overcome all fear and intimidation of the enemy. So you may stand up strong, looking back at all the miracles God has done for you in the past while standing steadfast on the covenant He has with you, so you can go into your battles with the same certainty David had: you will return victorious! There’s no other alternative for those who have a covenant with God.

David’s bravery and unmovable faith in the Lord is what brought him the victory, not the armor of King Saul, nor his armies.

May we continue to see God’s miracles and victories in our lives, just as the men and women of God saw them in the same places where we stand today in the land of Israel. Amen!