Shoulder to Shoulder
Ringing in 2024

We had the opportunity to ring in the New Year together with a special celebration service at Beit Hallel. 

If there’s one crucially important lesson we learned in 2023 is that there’s strength in unity and togetherness.

Standing together, shoulder to shoulder, rising from the ashes of darkness the end of 2023 was marked by, and entering together into God’s light as we push through the challenges and look with expectation to a victory and miracle-filled 2024. 

As we step into a hope-filled 2024, we “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem…” 

That is our prayer for 2024, while we launch into this new year stronger than ever and with a sense of purpose as never before. 

We cannot do it without YOU. 

You’re an integral part of everything the Lord is doing through our ministry, as we continue this journey together, being a blessing to the people of Israel and to the nations.