Special Message from the Mount of Transfiguration (Har Tavor)

Har Tavor (the Mount of Transfiguration) doesn’t seem very high from a distance, but the ascension actually proves that assumption wrong. The climb is steep and difficult.

Yeshua told 9 of His 12 disciples to wait for him as He began ascending this mountain, with John, James and Peter climbing with Him.

We don’t really know how the other disciples felt when they were told they had to stay behind and wait, while 3 were chosen to go up. Did they feel left out perhaps? Regardless of their initial feelings, the main message is that Jesus returned. He promised to come back, and He will always return to His own.

We might have different experiences in our lives, we might feel like we were left behind and He chose other people, more “special ones” to be close to Him. However, we know His word is unfailing. He promised to come back, and He will always come back. There is no leaving anyone behind for Him.

That’s why the Bible says clearly: “pray to Me, call out to Me, and I will answer!

What a beautiful reminder, that even when we feel left out or forgotten, we can take that time to reflect and figure things out in our walk with the Lord, but eventually Yeshua will always come back to us, He will come back to find us right where we are, at the foot of the mountain.

He comes to encourage us, to lift us up and walk again by His side.

Can you imagine when 3 apostles descended from Mt. Transfiguration having lived such a glorious experience with Jesus, seeing Him in all His glory, hearing God’s voice saying: “this is My beloved Son, follow Him” — the fire that was burning inside of those men who witnessed such glory, they brought it back with them to share it with their brethren. It was too much for them to contain, and they had to pass it on and ignite the same fire in the rest of them.

Sometimes God speaks into our lives through our brothers and sisters in Christ, through our family of God that have had a fresh experience with God and their fire is also ours when they share it with us.

We are called to encourage one another. When you see fellow brothers and sisters who are discouraged and are waiting for Jesus, speak life into their hearts, pray for them, tell them about your experience with God, because one day you will need it from them, and they will be there for you.

That is the kind of family Jesus came to establish among believers.

May you be blessed, so you can be a blessing.