Special Pochtar Family Update – Guy joining the Israeli Defense Forces

One of the realities each Israeli family faces when their child reaches 18 years of age is having to send them off to join the military. It is not optional, but compulsory. One of those civic duties, like paying taxes, only this one comes with a whole set of mixed emotions.

We all remember what it was like being eighteen. Entering into a new season in your life as a young adult, with a new weight of responsibility on your shoulders. Here in Israel that weight of responsibility is quite heavy for our young recruits.

Military service in the IDF is not just training, it is fully an operational active duty. It means being trained, then sent out to literally defend the country.

As a family, we lived through this season with our oldest son Sasson, our daughter Moriel, and now with our youngest son Guy, who will be joining the IDF in a few days.

Aside from trying to prepare physically for the upcoming challenge of army service and gruesome training, Guy also understands the spiritual responsibility that lies on his shoulders, and has been thoroughly preparing for it by spending quiet time with the Lord in prayer and worship.

Guy has no intention of hiding his faith, and is fully prepared to let God use him as a lighthouse among his peers.

He will be serving in the infantry brigade, in one of the combat units, meaning he will have a lot on his plate.

It isn’t the easiest time in Israel to send your child off to the army, but it usually never is. Guy’s life, future and calling are in God’s hands, and we entrust him to the Lord just as He entrusted us with Guy when he was born.

Please pray for Guy and the thousands of new soldiers that will be joining IDF ranks at the end of this month. May Yeshua keep them safe as they stand as guardians of God’s nation.