Spiritual Warfare over Israel’s Future

The advantage of living in the eye of the storm, like we do here in Israel, is that we get a front-row seat to the world’s response to this storm. 

The amount of support, prayers and love we have received from Israel-loving Christians all over the world has been remarkable and powerfully encouraging. 

However, there have been things we have been seeing that are quite concerning, to say the least. 

Israel is no stranger to pushback, hatred and attacks. Despite some movements’ efforts to camouflage it as disagreement with Israel’s policies, the truth always rises to the surface, like it did these days, when we found that at the base of it all stands ancient old hatred towards Israel and the Jewish people. 

To be frank, that’s not what worries us here in Israel. Sadly, we’ve grown used to it. 

What has been truly concerning was seeing how the lie has swept through western nations built on Judeo-Christian values and brainwashed people into believing a certain narrative that turns them against Israel completely. 

It is concerning because as Bible-believing Christians we all know what the Word of God says. 

The Lord said that the people of Israel would lose their land because of their disobedience and be exiled for 2000 years — a promise that was fulfilled. 

But then, another promise was also fulfilled:

I will bring them out from the nations and gather them from the countries, and I will bring them into their own land. I will pasture them on the mountains of Israel, in the ravines and in all the settlements in the land.

Ezekiel 34:13

God never broke His covenant with the Jewish people and kept His promise to gather them and bring them back to the Land He had given them. 

God also promised to protect His people in the Land which He has given them, meaning there will be wars and resistance, but the Lord said He would protect Israel. 

How can we understand or make sense out of what is happening in the world in light of biblical prophecies and God’s promises? 

When you hear and see chants such as “free Palestine”, or “from the river to the sea Palestine will be free”, you must know these are death chants to Israel. These are calls to complete destruction and annihilation of Israel, claiming Israel doesn’t have the right to be in this Land. 

All those things are in direct contradiction to what the Bible says, Jesus’s own words and it goes against God Himself. 

If God said in the Bible He will restore, rebuild and repopulate the land of Israel with the nation of Israel that He will bring back from exile, and you hear someone opposing Israel’s right to exist on its Land — you must know that they are opposing God Himself. 

Those who are protesting against Israel, people who side with those seeking or supporting Israel’s destruction, they are actively participating in a spiritual warfare of the last days, and unfortunately they are on the wrong side of the story. 

It is beyond dangerous, it is demonic. 

There were many demonic spirits and principalities sent from Gaza through the horrendous massacre of October 7th and out into the world. 

Now, people are taking sides in what they think is a “Middle East conflict” and securing their positions for or against, when in actual fact it is far bigger than that. 

It is the moment that eventually people will be judged on; if they chose the side of darkness or the side of light. 

Darkness and light is not something people determine, but God, because HE IS LIGHT. Anything that opposes or goes against God is darkness. As simple and as profound as that. 

This is a crucial moment in history when people are divided into those who choose darkness and the devil’s lie, and those who choose light which is God Himself. 

We pray for all those who are lost in the lie and cannot find their way out of darkness, that Jesus will encounter them where they are and save them, so they don’t find themselves on the side of enemies of God. 

Those who organize these protests know very well what they are doing. It is absolutely demonic and it releases demonic powers over people, which you can clearly see when you watch images of enraged masses seeking blood. 

Our calling as Christians and believers in Yeshua is to bless Israel and also to bless our enemies. We do pray and bless the people in Gaza because we want God’s light to touch their hearts and lead them out of the darkness. 

Despite what you might see in the media, rest assured God isn’t finished with His plans and purposes for Israel. His restoration and rebuilding of His nation is ongoing. 

God will reveal His glory more and more in the coming days. Praise the Lord you are on the right side of the truth! You haven’t been led astray by the devil’s lie to oppose Israel when God calls you to stand with it. 

When you support, pray and bless Israel, you are on God’s side of the story, on the side that will never lose, because victory will forever belong to our God! 

Even now, as the wicked forces use human emissaries to hurl curses against Israel, God is unbothered, because He already assured that nations will be judged by their treatment of Israel. 

This is the moment of truth for the nations, and their future depends on it. 

This is a spiritual battle in which God has the last word.