Video: Summer for God Youth Discipleship Program 2022 Concludes

Summertime is a challenging season for teenagers and young people, because these summer months provide them with a break from their daily routine and leaves them with a lot of free time, which they don’t know what to do with, most of the time, and that can actually do more harm than good.

We carry a lot of responsibility for our young people, and during summer months we designed Summer for God — a creative discipleship program that catered to their needs and provided them with a structure to keep their focus on the things of God. The vision behind this program was to create an enriching environment where young people can both learn and grow in the Lord, as well as continue serving and being a blessing to their community.

Every day we gathered a large group of young kids, and every morning they would start the day with prayer, worship, and bible study. They also got the opportunity to become a part of something greater, to learn the value and importance of being a blessing to others, and so they got involved in actively helping with our humanitarian projects; anything from unloading trucks, unpacking goods, assembling food packets, cleaning, serving – everything and anything that goes into our humanitarian work.

We provided meals for them daily, while also taking them on weekly bible tours across Israel, visiting historical sites where Yeshua did His miracles, where prophets proclaimed God’s promises over this Land, and where the apostles preached the gospel. Our young people got to experience the Word of God in a richer and more profound way.

The goal is to equip them with the necessary tools to grow into Yeshua’s likeness and develop His character. Being His disciples means having His heart for the people, above all things. Summer for God Youth Discipleship Program prepares young people’s hearts as they become young adults, because that’s when their lives will truly impact the society and the world they’re living in.

This year’s program was rich, deep, profound, significant and impactful. Our youth finished it empowered, transformed and motivated to advance Yeshua’s Kingdom in Israel as never before.

This is the time to invest in our young people who will carry the torch of Israel’s revival. We need to make sure they are equipped and ready for what is coming. It’s a future worth investing in!