Supporting Aliyah
the Return of the Jewish People to Israel

With most of the work on our new building completed, we have been able to finally open the doors to hundreds of people in need by officially launching our relief projects as part of the building’s humanitarian center.

Due to the ongoing and increasing influx of Aliyah, we are currently receiving dozens of new families in Ashdod every week. Those are the people that leave behind the only life they knew, all their possessions and arrive in Israel with not much more than the clothes on their backs.

Part of what our new building is purposed for is to create a nurturing, caring environment for the families that come seeking help and assistance, as well as a fully functioning operations center where all the logistics take place: from receiving the goods to assembling food baskets, as well as distributing clothes and essential house items for those in need.

Over the course of the years, we’ve been actively engaged in humanitarian outreach, we have helped tens of thousands of people in need; new immigrants, Holocaust survivors, single mothers, orphans, elderly, and refugees. All of them have been moved to tears by the aid YOUR generous support helped us provide for them.

That part of our ministry is now being operated from our new building, and this is your way of supporting the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel. By helping us provide optimal conditions for them upon arrival, and supporting them during their initial season in Israel, you are being used as God’s hand that leads His people back home, to the land He promised their forefathers.

This is what you helped accomplish!

We appreciate your generous heart and thank you for actively supporting Aliyah and the fulfillment of biblical prophecies by sowing into our humanitarian relief projects.