Supporting our Israeli Soldiers—War in Israel (Day 35)

One of the most unique things about Israel is our IDF. The army of the people, as it is often referred to. 

It is composed of our sons, daughters, brothers, and fathers. 

The ones who are standing in line with you at the grocery store in everyday life. But then they are called to duty, and putting any superhero movie to shame, they transform into real life superheroes, fierce warriors, that will run into the fire to protect their nation of Israel. 

It couldn’t be any other way, it is in their blood. Our soldiers are direct descendants of great biblical warriors like King David and King Solomon. 

The God-given calling on men and women of Israel to defend their land is in their DNA. Which is why it is such a privilege for us at Beit Hallel to have 35 soldiers from our congregation currently on the frontline, serving alongside other soldiers, having the opportunity to show their faith in action to those around them. 

We went up north to the northern border, as well as down south to the Gaza border to visit our troops, to encourage them, hug them, pray with them, and bless them with food and the provisions they might need. 

Your prayers mean so much to them, but to also hear the soldiers and their commanders marveling that all these blessings of provision coming from Israel-loving Christians, that was really beautiful. 

To see how touched they are to know that while they are disconnected from the world and immersed in fighting for our country, Christians are right there alongside them in the spirit, as well as  in word and deed, supporting and blessing them. They are moved to tears to feel your care and love, it encourages and empowers them to no end. 

As we went out a few times with a few American friends to visit our soldiers, it was absolutely beautiful to see how Israeli soldiers respond to Christian love. 

Wherever there is need, we make sure to be there to provide, but most importantly to show them support and love means more than you can imagine. 

Provision for soldiers is so important, because they often know how long they will be deployed or in the field, with no access to the outside world. 

Whether it’s mattresses, food, lighters, equipment, everything and anything they might need while they are in the field — it is all provided thanks to YOU! 

Every donation, every gift, big or small, every prayer, word of encouragement, it all strengthens our soldiers and their resolve to stand resilient and fierce as God’s own warriors protecting His land. 

Your contribution makes you an ally, a partner, a true friend and a sojourner on this historic journey of Israel’s eternal fight to survive. 

Thank you for walking alongside us, for releasing light, encouragement and blessings in the midst of darkness. 

We are eagerly awaiting God to restore peace to our nation, so we can host you here again and show you what you are helping us fight for these days.