Tea Club Outreach – New Methods for an Unchanged Message

While preaching the Gospel remains the focal point of our ministry and calling as believers, the changing times compel us to move forward in search of new and creative ways to reach people with the same eternal message of salvation that remains unchanged in a fast-paced ever-changing world.

When we first sat down with our team and began praying for God to expand our horizons and give us new creative ideas on how to share the gospel with people, we didn’t have to wait long. It was as though the Lord was more eager to give us new ideas and approaches than we were eagerly waiting for.

He showed us a wonderful layout of a Tea Club, where people would be able to come every week, to socialize, share, be encouraged, but most importantly have the opportunity to hear the gospel, speak about God and receive prayer at the end of the evening.

The idea was to create a nurturing environment where people’s hearts and minds would be expanded with new knowledge about God, and the hope they have in Him even in the face of the darkest circumstances. A place where they would be encouraged, uplifted and reached.

It has been an amazing journey so far, and we have seen its impact!

Out of 40 people that attended our weekly Tea Club meetings, some already joined our home groups, while others attended our weekly church services — an indication of how thirsty people are for God and the hope only He can give in these dark times.

Our Father is a mighty Creator. Whatever creativity we need, He has it in abundance. When we ask, He will give us generously and without reservations. Especially if the goal is the salvation of Israel.

Reaching the lost is still at the heart of our vision and mission. Support evangelism in Israel today.

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