The Desert Speaks

Every once in a while a special three day pastoral retreat takes place in the heart of the Negev desert. 

Israeli pastors, both Jewish and Arab, come together to spend time together, encourage and build each other up, while also taking time to sit at Jesus’ feet in the desert. 

Today was the day each one of us took time to go into our prayer cave and just spend time alone with the Lord. 

Usually we have these pastoral retreats in the Galilee which is always so special. But I particularly enjoy these moments when we have this time in the desert. 

In Hebrew desert is “mid’bar”, and the word speaks is “medaber”. It truly reflects how powerfully the Lord speaks to you in the desert, away from the noise of the world. 

Unity is one the things we desperately need here in Israel in these troubled times. Especially unity between Jews and Arabs, and it starts with us — believers. 

As pastors and leaders in Israel we understand better than anyone the importance of unity, which is what brings us together to this retreat; the opportunity to pray for one another, for our congregations and just share our hearts. 

It’s a blessing to me personally to have dear Arab friends, and to enjoy this unity between Jewish and Arab pastors. They are all Israeli, but from so many different backgrounds, cultures and languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Amharic, with Hebrew binding us all together —  a true melting pot that makes Israel so unique. 

When we all come together in unity, praying for each other, we truly feel this additional special blessing from God and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 

So when you pray for Israel, please pray for unity between Arabs and Jews, as well as unity between the pastor of the local body of believers. 

That unity isn’t simple, and we work hard at achieving and maintaining it, however when we walk in love with Yeshua, and put His principles above any of our reasoning or denominational differences, God honors that. 

Keep your unity as well, whether it’s in your church, community, family and anywhere you serve the Lord. 

From the heart of this biblical desert, where the people of Israel wondered for many years, praying, praising and worshiping God, I join their millenary prayers and pray for YOU as well. 

Thank you for being such an important part of my life, as well as the life of our congregation and ministry.

Thanks to your support and prayers we have seen so many changes here in the Land, so many people have been blessed because of your unconditional support and stand with Israel. 

God chose us and brought us together at such a time as this, you in the nations and us in Israel, for one purpose: to build His kingdom and prepare the land of Israel for Yeshua’s return, where unity between Jews and Arabs plays a vital part, as well as unity between your nation and Israel.