Video: The Essence of Passover
God’s Blood Covenant

Driving down south and standing in the desert at the border with Egypt is quite remarkable considering that Egypt is the very place the Lord took the people of Israel out of, delivering them with miracles and wonders. This is also the same desert where the people of Israel celebrated the first-ever Passover, which is all about God’s miracles and His supernatural power. 

Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) refers to how the angel of death passed over the children of Israel in Egypt, simply because that night they made a blood covenant with God just as He instructed them. 

Each family, household and tribe obeyed God and made a covenant with Him, resulting in death passing over the entire house of Israel when it came to strike Egypt. God’s glory, power and angels covered and protected the people of Israel because of the blood of the lamb that sealed their covenant with God. In Israel, Pesach has another name – Feast of Freedom. 

God’s plan of salvation for the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob began long before Israel came out of Egypt. It started when Jacob’s son Joseph ended up being sold as a slave to Egypt and then became its ruler, saving it from famine and drought. It was a season of remarkable blessings for Egypt because initially, it became a safe haven for Jacob’s sons and their descendants who birthed and grew into a whole nation during their time in Egypt. 

Only 70 Israelites came to Egypt initially, which, over the following 400 years, became a nation of over a million strong. Egypt was the womb in which Israel was planted and grew into a nation and due to that fact, Egypt enjoyed great blessings during that time.

Then a new era came, and the people of Israel were enslaved by new generations of Egyptians. This did not happen overnight, it happened bit by bit over the course of the years. 

That’s how the enemy works.

If the enemy would show up in your life and manifest himself clearly, you would recognize him and fight him immediately. His strategy is to do it inconspicuously, minute by minute, one day at a time until one day you wake up and find yourself in spiritual slavery. 

This is what happened to the people of Israel.

But then, we see the beginning of the greatest miracles not only in Israel’s history but in the history of humanity. God visited the people of Israel in Egypt, and He began a beautiful process of redemption. His words were: “I bought you out, I purchased you, I paid a price for you, now you are Mine!” 

When we celebrate the exodus from Egypt during Passover, we can’t not speak about what Jesus has done for us. Jesus was a prophetic part of the Passover in Egypt, and the entire story of the exodus points to Him. 

Passover is the perfect opportunity to study our modern traditions as well as ancient biblical ones. We’ll be able to see how Jesus Himself celebrated Passover. Many don’t know that Jesus’ last supper with His disciples was, in fact, a traditional Passover Seder meal in which He made a new covenant on that very day. 

Pesach is all about celebrating freedom and redemption from slavery, how God took His people out of bondage and into His freedom. The message of Passover is as relevant to us today as it was thousands of years ago. The freedom we obtained through Jesus and His sacrifice, who bought us out of slavery and made us His own.