The Essence of Passover
Judgment Restores justice

Passover is about freedom, deliverance, and redemption. However, it is also about God’s judgment manifested in blood. 

Egypt was stricken by ten plagues for refusing to obey God’s call to let the people of Israel go. Each plague was a judgment from God, and the first one is connected to the last one.  The very first judgment of God over Egypt was literally blood. The great river of the Nile which was the source of water for the entire nation turned to blood. 

Nothing is random with God. There was a powerful message in that first judgment because the Nile was the same place where every Hebrew male newborn was thrown and drowned. The Nile was a bloody place filled with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Hebrew boys. That river was a symbol of prosperity and blessing, and when it overflowed it brought life to areas around it. 

While countless Hebrew babies were drowned in that river, it seemed life went on as usual and the river kept on flowing uninterrupted. However, God doesn’t forget injustice, He remembered every single child that was killed in that river and every single mother’s cry of grief at the Pharaoh’s injustice and cruelty. 

When the time came to execute His judgment on Egypt, the river Nile was the first to answer for the bloodshed. All the unseen blood of innocent babies that was shed and buried in its depth came to the surface – the river that symbolized life in Egypt turned to blood and death overnight. 

That was God’s first judgment over Egypt and serves as a powerful message to us. God remembers the anguish and bloodshed on this earth, and the day of judgment will come. 

God remembers your pain, suffering and tears, and He will comfort you and restore you justice for what you have lost.