The Fields are White for Harvest
Sowing into salvation in 2023

Those of us who are on the ministry’s frontline here in Israel can safely say that over the past few years we have seen a definite shift in terms of reachability and openness among Israelis when it comes to the gospel. Times have changed, and there is a definite move, as we are seeing more and more people getting saved in Israel through our various outreach efforts and projects.

God is truly working in His nation, touching hearts and lives as never before, because we are witnessing a definite shift. People’s hearts are so much more open to the gospel, that we have to seize this moment in time.

Yeshua called us to become “Fishers of men”, He showed us how to reach people, while He will finish the work He has started in them.

That is why evangelism is still at the very core of our ministry’s vision. Reaching people with the gospel has to be a priority, as well as an active part of our work. It is our mandate from God, and we must honor that.

Our upcoming evangelism outreach in the Galilee this upcoming January will be a unique opportunity for so many people to hear the gospel for the first time in their lives.

To be able to hear the gospel in the same place where it was first preached by Yeshua carries profound meaning. God will touch people in a very special way, while we work towards putting the finishing touches on this upcoming event.

Pray with us for this evangelism event, and consider becoming a monthly partner in supporting active evangelism work in Israel through our ministry.