The Fullness of God in an Empty world
Lessons from Hanukkah’s candles

Hanukkah carries a deep message of God’s deliverance and triumph of light over darkness. However, digging deeper, we find the message is so much more profound, multifaceted and applicable to our everyday life. 

While praying, the Lord showed that every one of the eight candles we light during the eight nights of Hanukkah has a name and meaning.  A few days ago I shared about the first 5 (click here for further insights)

  1. Light
  2. Life (eternal life in Jesus) 
  3. Oil (anointing of God)
  4. Fire (fire of the Holy Spirit) 
  5. Joy

As we dive into the last three, I pray it will bless you, because we’re living in prophetic days in Israel, and a very significant time in history, all while celebrating an ancient and beautiful biblical festival that Jesus celebrated Christ with His disciples — Hanukkah. 

The sixth candle stands for SACRIFICE. 

The Temple was built for sacrifices to be brought there, and Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice for us, to atone us and redeem us. 

Sacrifice is a deeply powerful message that is woven throughout the Bible and is relevant even today. 

The Bible teaches us that we are to sacrifice our life to God; we are to die to ourselves and live for Jesus and God’s Kingdom. 

Sacrifices in our lives are very important because when we live a sacrificial lifestyle, the blessing of God comes over our lives. 

The rituals of sacrifice in the Old Testament were complex and difficult, they required a lot of resources, precision and following God’s instructions flawlessly. 

Jesus did it all for us in the New Testament, relieving us of the burden of carrying out sacrifice rituals and accomplishing it all on our behalf. 

However, the sacrificial lifestyle and mindset is still very much present and needed in our lives, in order to mold our character to reflect God’s. 

When we sacrifice something that is precious to us: our time, energy, talents, efforts, hard-earned money — it pleases God and it unlocks His blessings over our lives, because then we reflect His Son’s character. 

We are called to live as a living sacrifice for Jesus, meaning our sacrifices are daily and continuous. We live in a sacrifice mindset, of giving something of ourselves every single day. 

The seventh candle is VICTORY.

Victory is a very precious commodity, and Israel needs victory now more than ever. Its whole survival depends on it. 

War is never our choice, it is always thrust on us and drags us into a vicious cycle of bloodshed we desperately want to avoid because we cherish life.

We know God will give Israel victory over His enemies, simply because He promised. 

However, it is also up to us to walk in His victory. We can walk in God’s victory every day because Jesus said He overcame the world. All the enemies, powers, principalities and demonic forces, Jesus defeated and overcame all of them, giving us the victory! 

Now it’s our turn to walk in Yeshua’s victory, to proclaim His victory, to celebrate it and to believe in it. 

I know some Christians struggle with the concept of victory because of life’s circumstances, and they feel defeated. But regardless of what it looks like, we have God’s promises to rely and stand on. 

Circumstances cannot change God’s promises, but His promises change circumstances. 

We have the power of the Holy Spirit to walk in the victory of our Lord Jesus! My prayer is that God will continue to help you to walk in His victory and overcome every obstacle and demonic attack, so you will see His victory in every area of your life. 

The eighth candle is SHALOM (Peace). 

Shalom in Hebrew is more than just peace. It is a blessing, a proclamation and a release of God’s blessing. 

The root of the word Shalom in Hebrew is Shalem, meaning whole, complete. 

Shalom speaks of the fullness of God, nothing missing, nothing broken.

When we speak about needing shalom, it goes beyond wars or ceasefires, it means we need God’s fullness in our hearts, the kind of wholeness that comes from the Lord. 

Jesus is a wonderful example of having that shalom, when He could sleep through a raging storm, not allowing worries, anxiety and fear take the front row seat in His mind and heart, even when people tried to kill Him, because He was filled wholly with God’s shalom — supernatural peace. 

That is the kind of peace God has given us as well. Right now Israel is at war, just yesterday we had a rocket hit a supermarket here in Ashdod, it is all very real to us here. Yet, I can testify that we feel God’s shalom in our hearts. 

It’s quite amazing, I hear the sirens warning us to seek shelter from incoming rockets, yet I feel total shalom in my heart. 

Often people here go into a state of shock and have an anxiety attack during those sirens and explosions, but I just feel peace, and not because I’m better or different, but because I have the fullness of Jesus in me who gives me shalom. 

That same supernatural peace — shalom is available for you! 

My prayer for you, as we conclude Hanukkah — a powerful reminder that light will always overcome darkness, May God grant you and fill you body, soul and spirit with His shalom, the supernatural peace and wholeness in Jesus. 

May we walk in God’s light, celebrate His life, be filled with His oil and anointing so we can walk in the fire of the Holy Spirit, filled with the joy of the Lord, live out a sacrificial life for Jesus, walk in His victory and have His supernatural shalom in our hearts.