The Impact of YOUR Generosity
Humanitarian Relief to Ethiopian Jews

Recently we had the privilege to go all the way up north and meet with an amazing Ethiopian community and families that were evacuated from the Gaza border, and are currently staying in the north of Israel. 

They had to leave everything behind and were displaced because of the ongoing war. 

On October 7th this wonderful community experienced its own miracle.

When they heard of an attack on neighbouring communities, they all rushed to their local synagogue and started praying together for God’s mercy. 

Miraculously, God protected them and their community wasn’t infiltrated by terrorists. 

However, the proximity to the Gaza border forced them to evacuate further up north, and they have been living away from their homes for the past three months. 

Now with winter and cold weather officially here, these wonderful people really need our help in providing them, and especially their children, with warm winter shoes. 

Thanks to YOUR unwavering and generous support of our humanitarian projects, we were able to bless the entire community with vouchers that will provide them with winter shoes.

It was truly a blessing to witness their gratitude, appreciation and joy, especially when we shared with them about YOU – Christians who love Israel and are standing steadfast with them, blessing them in a time like this. 

We’re grateful for YOU! For being such a blessing to Israel in these troubled times, for your unwavering support and faithful friendship. 

May God reveal to you the depth of all your support is accomplished in Israel during the season when this nation needs you most. 

Thank God for YOU!