Video: Walking the Land of Genesis 

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to walk through the land where it all began in the Bible? 

That’s what the land of Israel feels like, even for those of us who have lived here for decades. It never ceases to amaze me just how profoundly biblical history is tied to the present and future. 

While standing on a hill overlooking the biblical city of Arad where Joshua and the army of Israel fought for this land, we’re reminded why this place is called the Land of Genesis. 

It is the place where a lot of the stories from book of Genesis took place. Going back over 4000 years, we can read about Abraham passing this very place with his flock, his sons Isaac and Jacob both left their mark on this place as well. 

While we’re standing in the middle of the Negev desert we are marveled at the beauty of this blooming desert, with a green forest in it. 

God prophesied that the desert will bloom, but people had to put their hand to that promise. 

Perhaps God is also making promises in your life, but you’re going to have to put your hand to that promise and walk it out in faith, just like the people of Israel had to walk out in faith the promises of God and plant the trees that today we see blooming. You need to be a part of the blessing that God promised for you and take it before it is even visible. Just like the people of Israel did. 

We invite you to have the amazing experience of not only visiting Jerusalem and the Galilee, but to open your eyes to see that you are standing in biblical promises, and everywhere you look and stand it is the Land of the Bible. The things you see, the sky, land, horizon, hills and valleys — those are the very things Abraham, Isaac and Jacob also saw. 

The Bible connects past, present and future right here in the Land of Israel. When you’re here, touch the land, walk the land and connect to the God of Israel, promises of God, the faith of the patriarchs. Just as they were used by their faith in their generation, we will be used by our faith in our generation.