Video: The Message of Purim
Courage, Divine intervention and Timely Deliverance

The story of Purim takes place during the time of Israel’s exile. They were uprooted and sent to exile because of their sins, however during that season they turned back to God and He began blessing them, preparing to take them out of the Persian Empire (modern-day Iran) and bring them back to their homeland once again. 

The book of Esther takes place during that very preparation process. 

Throughout the Bible, we see God’s clear and strong connection to the people when He directly speaks to (and through) prophets. However, in the Book of Esther, the name of God isn’t mentioned even once! 

Yet the entire book deals with God’s works, His plans, His promises, and how His thoughts and plans are higher than ours, that even when people couldn’t see the Lord’s part in their lives, He was very much present, guiding and doing miracles. 

How often are you going through seasons in your life where you can’t see God working in your life? 

Perhaps you don’t have any dramatic experiences with the Lord, yet when you look back, you clearly see that God was with you every step of the way, working in you and guiding your steps even when you couldn’t recognize His presence in your life. 

The book of Esther and the feast of Purim serve as a powerful reminder that God works in our lives even when we don’t see it or feel it.  

Divine intervention 

When the enemy rose against Israel seeking to destroy it, God was there to protect His people. 

Even when there were plots against His people on the top government level, the Lord stepped in, protecting His people, changing the course of history by placing Esther in the king’s path to change the king’s mind and heart. 

As difficult as the seasons in our lives may be, Purim is a powerful reminder that no matter what, God is faithful. He will always protect you. 

Whatever it takes; whether by sending angels, or placing key people in your life; God will find a way to step in, and He will never leave you unprotected. 

The Power of Fasting and Praying 

Queen Esther sent a letter to the whole house of Israel in Persia, urging everybody to unite with her in prayer and fast for the salvation of her people. 

Purim shows us the power of prayer, fasting and humbling ourselves before the Lord. 

Esther urged her people to take 3 days of fasting and prayer, and just cry before the Lord. She never claimed or promised that God would deliver them, she said “If we humble ourselves, maybe God will hear us and deliver us.” 

The nation of Israel then united and stood together in prayer, fasting and cried out to the Lord to be delivered.

We have powerful promises from God, and the miracles we have seen in our lives have been amazing. However, there are times when we have to be sensitive to His leading and open for the Spirit of God to guide us. 

Oftentimes the only weapon we have in certain situations is fast and prayer. 

When we take time to pray and fast, God begins to move on our behalf, by changing first and foremost our hearts, while also changing the circumstances around us.