The Power of Blessing


In the Bible we read a lot about blessings, because it’s a Hebrew – biblical culture.

In Israel blessing each other is part of our daily language. The nation of Israel believes in the power of blessing.

Can you imagine? God gave us authority to bless one another, and when we proclaim His blessing over others, something happens; heavens open up and blessing of God comes over us. That’s why the Bible teaches us to bless the name of the Lord, as well as each other. There’s tremendous power in it.

Psalm 129:8 — “Neither let those who pass by them say, “The blessing of the LORD be upon you; We bless you in the name of the LORD!”

The beginning of the verse is somewhat negative, referring to not proclaiming a blessing over someone because of their wrongdoings. However, it also reveals that when you are right with the Lord, this verse quotes an ancient biblical blessing of how Israel used to bless people.

In Hebrew it says: “Birkat Adonai aleichem”, meaning: The blessing of the Lord is on you. It’s not something you wish upon the other person, but stating a fact, that the blessing of God is on them.

When I see God’s blessing over someone’s life, according to the scripture in Psalms my response should be: “we bless you in the name of the Lord!”

My prayer for you:

May God release His blessing on you from heaven! As we proclaim these words of blessing from Israel, we believe God’s power glory and goodness will come upon you and cover you, your life and your loved ones.