The War in Israel – From Deep Division to Strong Unity

Over the past year the nation of Israel has seen the fabric of its society torn in two, unlike anything we’ve seen before in the modern state of Israel’s history. The judicial overhaul process caused Israelis to rise up against one another, cultivating an atmosphere of deep distrust and hatred amongst the people of Israel. It caused the nation to be shaken on many fronts – financially, socially, religiously, and politically. It spelled trouble for Israel.

However, something that has always marked Israel as a unique and separate nation, has been its people’s ability to rally together as one united family whenever her survival was threatened. After the invasion, massacre, and harm committed by Hamas against thousands of Israelis, the nation drew together as one, quickly and formidably. Israel’s formerly divided society was a thing of the past, and Israelis laid their burdens and issues with each other aside, and rose up in defense of the State of Israel as One Nation.

Watch Pastor Israel’s video and he shares more about this amazing transformation that happened in Israel, and how it affects the course of the nation at the moment, and the message that lies therein for us as believers.

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