Video: TKUMA – Arise Youth Conference in Israel: Equipping Israeli Youth

With summer coming to an end soon, and with it our youth discipleship programs, it is the perfect opportunity to refresh, recharge and refuel everything we’ve worked on over the summer.

We couldn’t overemphasize the importance of investing in youth work, simply because we have seen the fruit of it. Discipling young people is investing in the Lord’s plans for Israel. Training the next generation of leaders is crucial for us as a ministry, because it will help shape the future of our nation.

TKUMA — ARISE Youth Conference is our opportunity to reclaim our young people, help them dedicate their lives to God and train them to be Yeshua’s disciples as they prepare for their final years of high school, join the army, seek higher education — any path they might choose, our goal is to equip them to face life’s challenges with faith and strength of character, always shining the light of Christ everywhere they go.

The conference is next week, and we were able to raise $7,000 out of a total budget of $10,000. We are $3,000 short of our goal to cover the cost of TKUMA, and we want to make a call to support our youth work by sowing into a powerful conference like TKUMA.

Any gift and addition will help us reach our goal and provide more young Israelis with the opportunity to be equipped as the next generation of godly leaders in Israel.

Pray with us for a fruitful and blessed time during the conference, for the Lord to move powerfully among our young people, and consider GIVING TODAY to support youth work in Israel.