Arise Youth Conference in Israel Spotlight

Putting together a powerful and dynamic youth conference to mark the end of the summer and beginning of a new season for our young people is always a task that fills us with the greatest of satisfactions.

To be able to witness the passion and fire for Yeshua in our Israeli youth is invaluable. It’s truly a privilege to watch them pray earnestly, worship with abandon, praise with limitless joy, opening their hearts and challenging their old mindsets with new revelations.

We truly saw Israeli youth ARISING.

As a senior pastor, to not only mentor these young people, but to be there and see their spirits ignited by the Spirit of God, and know that God is pleased to see that the children He entrusted us with are growing into lighthouses carrying His truth to the world.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

3 John 1:4

I pray and believe that our children and future generation will be able to do and accomplish so much more than we ever could.

With so much more ahead of us yet, the journey is far from over, yet we have to make sure we lay the way for our young people and prepare the platform for their future in the Lord, as we are gearing up towards passing the baton to them eventually.

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