Video: Tkuma Youth Conference –
Raising the Next Generation of Israeli Leaders

Our Tkuma Youth Conference is designed around the growing need for a fresh move of young godly leadership in our society, especially in the current climate in which Israel desperately needs godly wisdom, guidance and unity.

During the 3-day conference, we aim to create an atmosphere of empowerment and encouragement that will motivate our young people to engage with the world around them through the lens of their faith in Jesus, bringing His light to this nation.

While the preparations for the conference are in full swing, we trust these days will be a catalyst for many young people who will get a chance to encounter Yeshua on a deeper level and experience His love and calling for their lives as never before.

This is the time to invest in the Israeli youth, to equip and disciple them into becoming the next generation of leaders in the land that will serve faithfully and effectively the local body of Christ in Israel while stepping into their God-given calling for their lives.

Pray with us for a blessed and anointed conference, and SUPPORT our youth work in Israel today!