Turning Pain into Purpose
Reflecting on 2023

Ending 2023 was like closing the most difficult chapter in the history of modern-day Israel. 

We had a remarkable year, filled with joy, blessings and breakthroughs, as well as a terrible shaking our nation endured followed by unspeakable pain, loss and reevaluation of a lot of things. 

There’s so much more to 2023 than the tragedy that reshaped our nation on October 7th.  

Israel is so much more than the pain it endures.
Especially when that pain is turned into purpose. 

Looking back at the year we’re leaving behind, we can’t help but praise the Lord for what He has done in 2023 through our ministry in Israel. 

We held various evangelism campaigns preaching the gospel to thousands of Israelis over the year. 

In our evangelism campaigns organized in Jerusalem and Galilee over 2000 Israelis heard the Gospel of Yeshua for the first time in their lives.

Many hearts were touched, lives transformed and people were healed. The testimonies we heard were such a powerful confirmation that God is still working powerfully in our nation. 

Bearing witness to how the gospel is returning full force to Israel, that land where it was first preached by our Messiah, Yeshua, is beyond uplifting, especially in these days. 

Discipleship work was another focus of our ministry work and required a deep commitment on our behalf. It included Bible studies, leadership training, seminars, workshops, women’s conferences as well as men-focused conferences, all geared towards discipling and fulfilling very specific needs in our community. 

It has impacted the lives of many leaders and pastors here in Israel, especially our youth conferences that have grown to a national scale and have become a lighthouse event for the youth of our nation that flock to these events, knowing their lives will be changed forever during these powerful conferences aimed at building up the young generation of those that are taking the lead in our society today. 

It was all about discipleship on every level;
from intimate home groups to large-scale conferences. 

Additionally, Outreach work was very much our focal point in 2023, which we aim to bring in even stronger in 2024. 

Receiving people from our community, organizing special outdoor and indoor activities, barbecues, holiday festivities, and special biblical celebrations — it was all about using every opportunity to share Jesus and His light with our community, allowing them to experience the love of God. 

The congregational network has been growing, with a wonderful addition of a Kiryat Gat congregation, as well as our Ashkelon church moving into a new building. 

Investing in the inner life and growth of our congregations was all about seeing people coming to the Lord, growing in the Lord, and serving Him in different aspects of local ministry. 

Helping others is part of our DNA as followers of Jesus. In the past year we distributed over 400 tons of aid to people in need, dozens of Israeli cities were blessed through our humanitarian outreach projects feeding over 50 thousand families last year alone. 

A special annual Back to School project is one of our most celebrated projects that helps thousands of children and their families by blessing them with backpacks and school supplies before the beginning of the school year. 

We’re leaving behind a year that was filled with the fulfillment of biblical prophecies marked by a big influx of Aliyah — the return of Jewish people to the land of Israel. 

It is our responsibility to receive them, embrace them and care for them while they take their first steps in Israel. Being part of fulfilled biblical prophecies is remarkable. 

Towards the end of the year, Israel was brutally attacked and thrust into a war that forced us to fight for our existence in our ancient homeland. 

The challenges that this war added to us were tremendous. The loss was overwhelming. We lost friends and loved ones in this terrible war. 

However, the Lord is our compass and guiding light even in the most consuming darkness. After 35 of our church members in reserve duty were called to active service, we also mobilized our teams to reach out to our soldiers, impacted communities and displaced families and bring immediate help where it was most crucial, while also bringing people out of the war zone and up to safe areas temporarily. 

One of our greatest weapons has been prayer. We took our place as watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem and began praying daily, morning and night, with our entire congregation. Never have we seen so many miracles happen as we have these past three months of nonstop prayer! 

Our teams went out under rocket fire and visited families living in bomb shelters, bringing them food, basic essentials and most importantly encouragement, letting them know they are loved and not forgotten. 

The past year was all about light overcoming darkness, and we couldn’t have done it without YOU. 

Thank YOU for your prayers, donations, words of encouragement and solidarity visits that lifted our spirits more than you know. 

We are filled with hope and expectation about what the Lord is going to do in 2024.