Walking in the Footsteps of Peter in Biblical Jaffa

Join Pastor Israel Pochtar in ancient Jaffa as he shares a powerful word on the ministry of the Apostle Peter and the mighty revelation that he received from heaven – a revelation that completely altered the course of world history.

The apostle Peter had traveled to Jaffa where he ended up raising a woman named Tabitha from the dead. It was a powerful miracle and testimony to God’s power that resides within his children. Shortly thereafter Peter went to stay at the house of Simon the Tanner, the very house from which Pastor Israel shares this message. 

As Peter was resting on the roof of Simon the Tanner’s house, he became hungry, and the Lord showed him a vision that changed everything, allowing the Gospel to go forth unto the Gentiles and ultimately to the ends of the earth. Be blessed as you watch Pastor Israel share more on this important vision from the very place where these awe-inspiring events happened!