War in Israel: Day 3
Our Troops Need Your Help!

After another day and night of heavy fighting and shelling, we are waking up to yet another dark day in Israel’s history that is being written as we speak. 

The numbers of innocent Israelis murdered is absolutely staggering and keeps growing, with thousands more injured, hundreds missing, families torn apart and kidnapped into Gaza. 

The sheer scale of the atrocities committed against Israel is beyond comprehension. 

And this is only day two of this war. 

This has been by far Israel’s darkest day since its birth as a state in 1948. This is Israel’s 9/11.  

The whole nation has been mobilized, with practically every household and family sending off a son, a daughter, a brother, a sister, a father to join Israel Defense Forces.

So many young men of Beit Hallel have said goodbye to their families and went to the frontline, and they need our help more than ever. 

Logistically there’s so much our troops need right now! The number of mobilized troops is unprecedented, the fighting is fierce, and we need to be there to ensure they have everything they need while they are defending their home and their nation. 

We are organizing boxes of food and equipment for the basic needs of our troops in the field. 

From undershirts, undergarments, socks and hygiene products, to food supplies, bottled water, head flashlights, sleeping bags, wet wipes… the list is long, the need is great. Help is needed NOW! 

While our troops are fighting for us, we have to fight for them as well, ensuring they don’t suffer lack from basic needs while they are engaged in Israel’s fiercest war yet. 

DONATE TODAY to help us send boxes to our soldiers. These are not treats or luxuries, these are the basic things they need today. 

This war is absolutely horrific, and we need to be ready to fight and stand with our people of Israel until the Lord grants us the victory.